From the Bookshelf to the Couch

Bookshelf to Couch was born out of a love for scientific inquiry and a desire to help clinicians keep up to date on the latest developments in the fields of psychology and mental health.

We focus on the psychology of close relationships, marriage, family and sex therapies as well as Mindfulness and Internal Family Systems therapy.

Relationship issues, including marital and sexual intimacy, are among the top presenting problems in therapy offices. Despite this fact, only a small percentage of clinicians are trained to address such fundamental relational concepts.

The biggest mistake mental health practitioners make about continuing education is failing to invest in empirically based courses which teach techniques that have been substantiated in controlled research. Choosing to ignore growing scientific research won’t make it go away.

Advancing Research

We are deeply invested in the advancement of psychological research and its application to clinical practice.

Bookshelf to Couch’s courses are for busy clinicians who want to keep up with the field and not get behind. Our courses are designed for those colleagues who are eager to invest themselves in their education.

Changing Therapy

We promote researchers whose peer-reviewed research carries the potential to change the way we do therapy for better outcomes.

Bookshelf to Couch provides CE courses for psychologists, and other mental health practitioners by carefully selecting topics and instructors to facilitate learning and keeping up with the field. Our instructors live and breathe therapy with decades of clinical experience.

Promoting Facts

We are passionate about highlighting empirically-based studies in order to promote facts in relationship science and reach new conclusions for more effective therapies.

Bookshelf to Couch presents content that is scientifically sound, research-based and clinically proven.

A Fun Gathering of Clinicians

Our courses are interactive and real-time which limits how many of them it is feasible for us to offer per season. Think about them as a mini-conference or workshop that you get to go to in person. Our business model is different from other online CE providers. Instead of keeping an inventory of hundreds of recorded courses we offer interaction with experienced experts and other clinicians, real-time.