Our courses are priced based on $39 per CE credit hour rate.

We also offer Early Bird Registration Discounts, typically 25% off of regular course prices. Check each course page for discounts.

You might wonder what makes up the cost of a live (synchronous) CE course presented by experts in the field of psychology and other mental health fields. Well, it largely depends on what kind of CE course you are looking at.

Our courses are interactive and real-time which limits how many of them it is feasible for us to offer per season. Think about them as a mini-conference or workshop that you get to go to in person. Our business model is different from other online CE providers. Instead of keeping an inventory of hundreds of recorded courses we offer interaction with experienced experts and other clinicians, real-time.

Some of our favorite CE courses we have participated in over the years were courses presented by instructors who have spent many years in the field of research, education or clinical settings. These instructors typically have invested many years of their professional careers into researching and understanding a particular problem or field of interest; which costs time, money and resources, not to mention a lot of headspace for thinking and problem solving. 

All of this, of course, has a financial cost, but we happily translate its benefits into developing better CE courses and investing back into our community of therapists.

Since we value this level of expertise and quality, we have set similar standards for Bookshelf to Couch instructors. In addition to excellent academic foundations, our instructors have been active participants in their professional communities through presenting workshops, CE courses and attending conferences.