How to Choose the Right Course

Making a decision about which CE courses are worth your money and time can be an overwhelming experience. In today’s world of digital learning there is no shortage of continuing education offerings for mental health professionals.

Continuing education is an essential investment into your practice and the clients you serve. In order to fully benefit from this investment consider the following factors when choosing a course:

  • Approvals- Is the CE course you are considering approved by your licensure board?
  • Quality of the CE presentation- Is the CE course presented by an expert in the field?
  • Scientific basis-  Is the CE course based on research?
  • Convenience- Is it time and resource efficient?
  • Clinically applicable- Does it bring pertinent research back to the clinical settings? Is it going to equip you to be a better clinician?

Bookshelf to Couch

Our courses are approved by the APA, NBCC, GA MFT and AASECT. They fall into the live synchronous category (equals “face-to-face”/ “in-person” CE in most states) and our asynchronous homestudies will be available in the Spring of 2020. They are formulated to provide a deep-rooted learning experience with instructors carefully selected based on their research background, clinical expertise and extensive knowledge in the field. 

APA, NBCC, GA MFT and AASECT-Approved Live CE Courses

Bookshelf to Couch courses are offered in real-time and some of them also offer opportunities to interact with the instructors and fellow participants.

They are either presented in a lecture format or a workshop format with time for a Q&A. Our continuing education organization had to pass rigorous reviews set by the APA, NBCC, MFT regional boards and AASECT; such as our courses having to be substantiated by scientific research and being presented by an expert on the topic, someone who possesses an appropriate level degree in the field. They are usually a good choice for clinicians who value profound learning experiences and tend to consider well-supported presentations.

Since having an interactive learning environment facilitates acquiring knowledge, live courses often attract clinicians who want to immerse themselves in a topic while enjoying a peer group setting. 

APA and NBCC-Approved Homestudy

Pre-Recorded Seminar (Asynchronous) CE Courses

These courses carry the same professional quality as live courses described above, but have the advantage of being available anywhere, anytime. Be sure to check your state’s licensure requirements for the approved number of homestudy hours for licensure renewal. 

Bookshelf to Couch asynchronous homestudy courses will be available in the Spring of 2020. They are the recorded version of our live, synchronous courses.