Couple Sexuality After 60

Counseling a couple on sexuality over 60 is unfamiliar territory for most therapists.  In this 4-hour workshop, Dr. Barry McCarthy, will discuss how to approach this subject with ease and confidence. 

Contemporary Male Sexuality: A New Model

Learn a new model of treating male sexual problems, including male dysfunctions, desire and avoidance issues. Rather than hoping for a stand-alone medical intervention to cure the problem, implement a comprehensive couple approach, from assessment all the way to treatment. Live ethics included!

Free CE: Ethical Considerations in Diagnosing Female Sexual Problems

Deciding when and what to diagnose is not an easy choice. Ethical diagnosis requires knowledge, training and familiarity with professional ethical codes, diagnostic criteria and presenting problems.

Essentials of Female Sexual Problems-On-Demand Homestudy

Female sexual problems affect a significant portion of women in therapy yet few clinicians are trained to pinpoint issues accurately. This course will provide you with up-to-date and scientifically substantiated information so you can feel more confident in diagnosing and helping women with this common dysfunction.

Essentials of Male Sexual Problems-On-Demand Homestudy

Do you want to feel more confident in diagnosing male sexual problems? This course discusses thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis, relational focus, and ethical treatment choices for therapists. Up-to-date nosology using DSM-V, ICD-11, AFUD and ICSM will be presented.

How Sexual Trauma Impacts Couples’ Ability to Be Safely Intimate and What to Do About It

Sexual trauma and sexual harassment are common underlying factors of sexual dysfunction and they both significantly impact a couple's sexual intimacy. Approaching this delicate subject in a relational context is often overlooked. IFS and IFIO frameworks of treatment are highly effective.