How Sexual Trauma Impacts Couples’ Ability to Be Safely Intimate and What to Do About It

Sexual trauma and sexual harassment are common underlying factors of sexual dysfunction and they both significantly impact a couple's sexual intimacy. Approaching this delicate subject in a relational context is often overlooked. IFS and IFIO frameworks of treatment are highly effective.

42 Years in the Therapist’s Chair: Treating Couples’ Sexual Problems

Ethics Credit! Learn from Dr. Barry McCarthy, a thought leader in the field of couple and sex therapy. This on-demand course includes lecture, discussion, clinical vignettes and clinical applications. Sexuality guidelines and couples' sexual styles are explored and illustrated. Teaching materials provided.

When Intimacy Protects: Chronic Female Sexual Problems- On-Demand- Homestudy

The wish to keep intimacy alive and pleasurable is often a prime focal point for couples seeking relationship therapy. This course is designed to better equip practitioners in assessing and treating a frequent presenting a problem in therapy offices: female sexual issues in committed relationships.

How Not To Worry- The Two-Screen Method® On-demand Homestudy

This course will focus on a clear and useful way for treating anxious episodes and overwhelming worries -even in the midst of the COVID-19 challenge. Scott Symington, PhD will present the Two-Screen Method, his novel, evidence-based Mindfulness approach.