Couple Sexuality After 60

Counseling a couple on sexuality over 60 is unfamiliar territory for most therapists.  In this 4-hour workshop, Dr. Barry McCarthy, will discuss how to approach this subject with ease and confidence. 

Contemporary Male Sexuality: A New Model

Learn a new model of treating male sexual problems, including male dysfunctions, desire and avoidance issues. Rather than hoping for a stand-alone medical intervention to cure the problem, implement a comprehensive couple approach, from assessment all the way to treatment. Live ethics included!

Essentials of Female Sexual Problems-On-Demand Homestudy

Female sexual problems affect a significant portion of women in therapy yet few clinicians are trained to pinpoint issues accurately. This course will provide you with up-to-date and scientifically substantiated information so you can feel more confident in diagnosing and helping women with this common dysfunction.

Essentials of Male Sexual Problems-On-Demand Homestudy

Do you want to feel more confident in diagnosing male sexual problems? This course discusses thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis, relational focus, and ethical treatment choices for therapists. Up-to-date nosology using DSM-V, ICD-11, AFUD and ICSM will be presented.

42 Years in the Therapist’s Chair: Treating Couples’ Sexual Problems

Ethics Credit! Learn from Dr. Barry McCarthy, a thought leader in the field of couple and sex therapy. This on-demand course includes lecture, discussion, clinical vignettes and clinical applications. Sexuality guidelines and couples' sexual styles are explored and illustrated. Teaching materials provided.

When Intimacy Protects: Chronic Female Sexual Problems- On-Demand- Homestudy

The wish to keep intimacy alive and pleasurable is often a prime focal point for couples seeking relationship therapy. This course is designed to better equip practitioners in assessing and treating a frequent presenting a problem in therapy offices: female sexual issues in committed relationships.