How Sexual Trauma Impacts Couples’ Ability to Be Safely Intimate and What to Do About It

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IFS and IFIO Methods of Treatment 

Asynchronous On-Demand Homestudy

In this intermediate-level course, Dr. Nancy Wonder, clinical psychologist, IFS assistant trainer and IFIO senior faculty will review concepts of the Internal Family Systems Model and of Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) as they relate to sexuality.

Course Description

Sexual trauma and sexual harassment are common underlying factors of sexual dysfunction and they both significantly impact a couple’s sexual intimacy.  Dr. Wonder will review typical protective couple’s dynamics that impede sexual intimacy, discuss the healing effect of Self energy and compassion, observe the Courageous Communication Protocol and identify therapist parts that get activated when working with sexual intimacy.  

This course will include didactic presentations, video illustrations from real client sessions and demonstration of exercises. Participants will be given an opportunity to notice their own reaction and counter reaction when working with clients presenting with sexual trauma.

Learning Objectives

  • Review basic concepts of the Internal Family Systems Model
  • Discuss the Tracking Protocol in IFIO ( Intimacy From the Inside Out) and how it helps identify destructive cycles for clients and the vulnerabilty underneath.
  • Apply awareness about sexual trauma and sexual harassment as they impact couple’s sexual intimacy. 
  • Identify protective cycles that impede couple’s sexual intimacy
  • Observe the Courageous Communication Protocol and how it can enhance a couple’s conversation about their intimacy. 
  • Explain the healing effect of Self energy and compassion. 
  • Identify therapist parts that get activated when working with sexual intimacy. 

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Programming Level

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Your Instructor

AASECT Core Knowledge Areas:

Area E: Intimacy skills (e.g., social, emotional, sexual), intimate relationships, interpersonal relationships and family dynamics.

Area I: Range of sexual functioning and behavior, from optimal to problematic including, but not limited to, common issues such as: desire discrepancy, lack of desire, difficulty achieving or maintaining arousal, sexual pain, penetration problems and difficulty with orgasm.

Area M: Pleasure enhancement skills.

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